March 4, 2011

Polly's Pig

Artist and fellow blogger Polly Jackson has had her illustration of a little pig unwilling to get his feet wet used in the Huffington Post. So cool, Polly! Congratulations! Click here to read the article. And go visit Polly's website, . You will be amazed and delighted.


Ima Wizer said...

Thank you Hazel! She sure looks great on this red background!!

Giulia said...

Thanks. Congrats to Polly. Plus, I routinely do as the author of the article.

? though - the images on TCP are not feeding through the last few days. I wonder why?

Kat Mortensen said...

Way to go, Polly! What a fantastic pig!


Butternut Squash said...

What a precious piggy. Reminds me of a story that I heard about pot bellied pigs in NYC. I used to live on a miniature animal farm and the farmer told me that he and all of his friends sold little pygmy piggies to apartment dwellers in NYC. Unfortunately some of his neighbors got a bit greedy and when they had no more little pigs to sell they sold regular baby pigs. Later one of the farmers had to go to NYC to help extract a 300 lbs pig from an apartment building.