March 18, 2011

Chocolate Guinness - Goodness Gracious!

I don't hold much with St. Patrick's Day. There are a lot of other Patron Saints out there (David, Andrew, George, speak up. I can't hear you); Saint Patrick must have a good P.R. man. I recently learned in my History class that a nation's identity can be partly defined by a country's struggle and by their heroes. So I really can't hold it against the Irish; they deserve a party. I don't partake in the green beer but I do like Guinness. After recently searching the web for Guinness recipes - you know there's "a steak in every can" - I stumbled upon a Guinness pudding. I altered it a bit, because I couldn't understand the chef's instructions. (ie. how can I tell if the beer and cream is bubbling around the edges, you just told me to whip it?)

Now what follows is extremely rich. The result is a chocolate pudding with a definite "stout" edge to it. I divided the recipe in half for my family of three. It was very popular among my guys, but none of us could finish it. So next year I think I'll serve it in shooter-sized glasses. Here goes.

8 egg yolks
1 cup sugar
1 can Guinness
3 cups whipping cream
7 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped into small chunks.

In a heavy-bottomed saucepan whisk together egg yolks and sugar. I used the whisk attachment on my hand-held mixer.

Open the can of Guinness stout and pour it into a large glass measuring cup while trying to reduce the foam.

In another heavy-bottomed saucepan pour exactly half the Guinness and 2 cups cream and whisk. Heat over a medium heat, until just below boiling. Remove from heat. Add the chocolate and whisk until smooth.

Now slowly pour this Guinnessy-chocolate into the eggs whisking constantly to prevent curdling. Cook over medium (don't let it boil) and whisk with the electric mixer for a very time-consuming 10-15 minutes until the mixture has a pudding-like consistency, as thick as a bechamel. This was one of the messiest procedures ever. Chocolate was everywhere!

Pour into glasses. Don't use pint glasses or you'll go into a coma. Small glasses with "waists" would look best, but I don't know what to call them. Leave an inch on top of each.

Cover with wrap and refrigerate until set. I'd say 3-4 hours.

The last step. Pour the remaining Guinness into a a pan (you should still have 1 cup, hopefully) and bring to a boil, Reduce heat and let simmer until the beer is reduced to 1 tablespoon. Beat the remaining 1 cup of cream and add the syrupy Guinness reduction and fold together. Now top up the glasses with the cream and hopefully the whole thing looks like a glass of Guinness.

I did say we couldn't finish it but that doesn't mean we threw it away. I intend on finishing my pudding when the sun's over the yardarm. Whatever that means! Enjoy!


Tess Kincaid said...

Goodness gracious is right! (((drool)))

Design Elements said...

i agree...gracious :-) Happy Sunday!

Everyday Goddess said...

I admire your perseverance, that sounds like a tour de force!

The strawberry cake looks absolutely divine ~

found you through Willow Manor

Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

How yummy! This is an awesome treat.

The Clever Pup said...

Thank you Cynthia, Tess and Everyday Goddess. Danke Maria!

Kat Mortensen said...

You missed a key element of the "method". You must drink a glass of Guinness while you make the pudding. (Okay, I made that up, but it sounds like a good idea.)

Here's to the beleaguered Irish!


The Clever Pup said...

If I have to halve the recipe, I get the other half.

Blog Princess G said...

....................... BLISS.