February 2, 2011

Special Report: Snow in Toronto

It snowed. In Toronto. Not the snopocalypse that was predicted; there was less than 2 inches on the path this morning. The schools are closed. When I was a girl, (she said waving her cane), we had to walk to school through a foot and a half of the white stuff...even during exams.

According to the latest radar Toronto's in for another pile of snow later this afternoon. Until then, please have a laugh at this Rick Mercer report.


Diane said...

Hey, I'll take a snow day any way I can get it!!!!

that clip was hilarious, thanks for sharing.

and remember it's Groundhog Day, too!http://thingswelove2.blogspot.com/2011/02/happy-groundhog-day.html

Kate Hanley said...

Great clip! Made me laugh. We had ice today and the kids got out of school because of a power outage. Wouldn't have happened in my day, we would have had to bring flashlights or light matches! Okay, just kidding. Enjoy the white stuff.

Alistair said...

More like the UK every day C-Pup it seems. Now if your government {like ours} blames the poor economic recovery on the snow you know you're up to your knees in something once again - but it aint snow!!!

lechat said...

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