February 28, 2011

Colin the Firth

Long live King Colin the Firth.

The  first time I saw Colin Firth was in 1986 on Masterpiece Theater in a mini-series called Lost Empires. He was playing a young man in the Great War era who had joined his uncle's magic act. "The Empire" was the name of the chain of music halls they visited in various towns around England. He was sad and serious but compelling nonetheless.
Then there was A Month in the Country, again sad and serious but caught my attention in an otherwise forgetful film. 

And then Valmont, the Dangerous Liaison's story, where Colin Firth rocked the puffy shirt (and Meg Tilly's world) before Mr. Darcy. 


Giulia said...

Glad he won, yes. (Do you mean "Another Country"? I just went to Netflix to put it in my queue & that's what comes up.)


Giulia said...

Oops. No, you mean "A Month in the Country" - but he's also in "Another Country." Sorry.

Tess Kincaid said...

Hear, hear! A worthy recipient, indeed!

le chat said...

from Guy Bennett in Another Country to King George VI
in The King's Speech, but the most unforgetable performance was
Mr. D'arcy in Pride and Prejudice.
le chat

Blog Princess G said...

a) Yes, and yes.

b) How I have missed your blog, to most of whose blogs I exclaim "YES!"