December 21, 2010

Are You Last Minute Shopping for Men???

This Christmas it's just my husband and myself, my 16-year-old son and my 50-something brother. So I've got a lot of "boy" presents to wrap today.

Here's a selection of what I bought and places to shop if you're stumped. My guys shun my blog so I'm not giving anything away.

Computer Chess and 5 other games - Science City, 50 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Animation Greats, National Film Board, 150 John Street Toronto

Squirrel-proof bird-feeder, Home Hardware

Danier Leather

Marilyn Mug for the Dude. I got a version of this from Vintage Video, great, great store. 604 Markham Street, Toronto

T-shirt for my brother from Busted Tees. Probably too late to order this now.

Micro-dot shirt:The Gap

The requested Argyle sweater: The Gap

Vertically striped scarf. Zellers.

I Love Roncesvalles Mug. Sweetpea's., 163 Roncesvalles

Laurentian Chief Moccasins

Comic Book Sleep Pants. Zellers

Facsimiles of NYT crosswords since 1942. Science City.

Wind-up battery lantern. I got mine at Lee Valley Tools. 590 King Street W. Toronto
One of the best documentaries I have seen. You will not be bored. Narrated by my crush R.H. Thompson. NFB


Giulia said...

Great ideas, Hazel. Lucky guys. (What is it about them that makes men shun their female relatives/friends blogs? You'd think they'd want to at least look on the sly. Just in case. In fact, I know some of mine slipped recently & mentioned something. But it was only on a blog. I said nothing. Filed away for future.)


Ima Wizer said...

excellent, thanks!

T. Clear said...

Argh. Shopping for the boys. Always a challenge.

Alistair said... really is about shopping, When I read that header I thought for a minute you wre getting a bit desperate C-Pup!!!!

The Clever Pup said...

Very funny Alistair.

Giulia - nuts. Her house is grungier than a "college" rental and she's recently left her aspergerish children and her husband.