July 28, 2010

Hells Bells

Why does anyone watch this pugnacious egomaniac anymore? Why do people want to watch others being yelled at? It's beyond me. We all know by now that he's doing it for the camera. He's like the Jerry Springer of  TV chefs.

Ramsay's a lot calmer on his other show "The F-Word", but he still named his doomed Christmas turkeys after other famous TV chefs. Nice. I've seen one episode in total and it included a challenge where Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall made the better dessert. I could almost see steam coming from Ramsay's ears. Tooooot!

Everyone professes to be wound up tighter than a top these days. So why waste our time watching someone so un-Zen. He's no Lorenza De'Medici or Jacques Pepin.

Give this guy the cold shoulder. I'm going to focus more on the Slow Food Movement. That's more my style.


Jacqueline said...

Horray for the Slow Food Movement! That and Put An End to Multi-tasking.

Giulia said...

People are masochists, I suppose. I've only watched a few of these, though his Kitchen Nightmares has amused me on occasion. But the screaming makes me cringe (though I know it is mostly scripted. It's too shrill).

My youngest sister, a very well-reviewed, now-former chef claims (I agree from watching up close & personal in DC) that these sorts have ruined the restaurant/cookery business. They've undermined what real cooking & real restaurants should be. Also they hog the cookbook lists. She's glad she went off to do something else just before all this nonsense took off...btw, she & other chefs also loathe those Food network thingies, except for a few.

We prefer to watch PBS re-runs of Julie, new & old Jacques Pépin, Lidia Bastianich, & a few others. We do have a soft spot for Jamie Oliver as he has a grounding & stake in real cooking (he is also cute). Also Nigella cracks me up & I use her cookbooks quite often when I am able. Otherwise, these stupid chef showdown things sicken us, too (I'm not using the royal 'us' I'm talking about my extended family, well-versed in restaurants & catering since before it became a weird sport. This stuff supports their oft-below-par or merely so-so restaurants. The Hell Guy's food isn't that big of a deal, btw.

Slow Cooking via Italia is the way to go...the shrieking & one-upsman-ship should be shunned. But as they say, if people didn't watch...

End of speech.


Liza said...

There is a yearly hospital lottery around here, and this year, one of the prizes was a day with Gordon Ramsay. Oh yaaaaaay, NOT!
Your suggestions look nice,
thank you.

Mya.L said...

He is bloody rude (I'm being polite) and hates vegetarians! What a m***n... mind you, he's a former football player.

David Engel said...

Why watch any "Reality TV"? It's all garbage!


Blog Princess G said...

I'm not completely anti-Ramsay as I think he genuinely feels what he expresses, but I'm very tired of all the hyper cooking shows in general. When did cooking become a spectator sport? I'm all for slow food and slowing down in general! I love Nigella, but not her "express" show... that seemed the antithesis of Nigella and all the reasons we love her.