June 5, 2010

Ideas to Live By

I've been introduced to two websites offering worlds of information that tickle, exercise and expand one's mind. They make you think, and think some more, and give you the impetus to get off your duff and act.

The first, offering solutions for multi-talented people, is the DaVinci Dilemma. Co-authored by a schoolmate of mine, Liisa Kyle and her colleague Lisa Rothstein provide tools and useful resources to help you discover,enjoy and organize your many talents. While I'm not professing to be one of the multi-talented, I know many of you are (if not just "well-rounded").

The biggest problems facing me daily are procrastination and lack of motivation. At the DaVinci Dilemma, one can find hints, strategies and models on how to deal with these bugbears. The subheading Direct your Talents helps you harness your talents by offering real concrete ideas to organize, prioritize, motivate and obviate blockages. If you're like me and don't know what you want to be when you grow up, click on Discover Your Talents and Liisa and Lisa will help you find your passion and take inventory of your talents.

Liisa has also co-authored a recently-released book entitled Happiness Awaits You. Worth a look.

The second website belongs to the London-based The School of Life. Offering good ideas for everyday living, The School of Life offers a variety of programs that allow you to breathe deep and think intelligently about a variety of themes from philosophy to to literature to the visual arts.

Some weekend classes have included contemplating clouds, urban gardening, or visiting behind the scenes at Heathrow. It kind of reminds me of what would happen had Aldous Huxley met The Learning Annex. The smart people at The School of Life have a bibliotherapy service pointing you in the right direction to the books you should discover.

The facility also offers Conversation Dinners at some of London's nicest restaurants and a Breakfast Club where participants can enjoy coffee and muesli along with full-bodied advice on how to handle the stresses of the working day. Like Pam Beesley's "The Finer Things Club" except you get to eat out in London. I believe if I lived in London I would participate. It sounds like something an Iris Murdoch heroine would do.

To get our imaginations going is Carpe Diem Daily, an adjunct of The School of Learning that features a series of daily to-dos that can be thought-provoking, random, or light-hearted. Today's to-do was to invent and define a new word, whereas yesterday's prompt asked "what one thing would you change in the world?", and the day before - show us your scars.

The School of Life posts big thoughts to my Facebook wall too to make me think or shrink depending on the topic.

Check them out. I think you'll enjoy them.

The School of Life

Carpe Diem
The DaVinci Dilemma


Penney said...

Just signed onto Da Vinci!
Thanks Hazel..

studioJudith said...

hazel -
These sound great - thanks for the


Brian Miller said...

very cool. will check these out...

Laura in Paris said...

Am checking right now - and the book on happiness .. maybe it gives a secret recipe!