April 28, 2010

Mix and Match Made in Heaven - Gudrun Sjödén

I've recently made some on-line purchases from Sweden. Designer Gudrun Sjödén strives to make colourful clothes in natural materials with an emphasis on Scandinavian design. Designed to be versatile, her pieces can be mixed and matched now and with future collections for all woman of ages, shapes and sizes. Sounds good.

Gudrun's all-encompassing manifesto is revealed in the pages of her web-catalogue where models span the ages from 20 to 60 with a remarkable model who is 98! Gudrun models occasionally too - demonstrating that one does not have to be thin to fit into her clothes.

Gudrun Sjödén Design has been around since 1976. Her contribution to a greener world is to create timeless designs with a long life-span. That's a good way to look at especially since her products are a little more than I usually like to pay. Landscapes, fruits and flowers are Gudrun's inpirations. I find her designs to be folkloric much like the sweaters I recently purchased from the Serbian tricoteuses IVKO - but that's for another time.

I've bought the selections shown above. (minus the boots, but I know a Kat that would probably like them!) I let you know how they work out. I'm sure that Canadian Customs will practically cripple me with duty.


Kitty Shepherd said...

These are great clothes, I have some. My one tip to wearing them is this: everything else about you has to be perfect, no bad hair day and good subtle make-up otherwise you end up looking like a lunatic!

The Clever Pup said...

Kitty -- thanks for the heads-up. I've had similar experiences.

roz said...


Beautifully presented on that website but it made me think of Indian cottons closer to home.

The Clever Pup said...

Roz, that's an amazing site. And a helluva lot cheaper. Thanks for the link.

Diane said...

Love the crone. She looks like someone I'd enjoy having to dinner, pouring a couple glasses of wine and listening to her stories.

Please do let us know how bad the duty is.... the pieces are so unique!

Maybe I will buy the exact same ones as you, and we can meet up somewhere?

ramidonya said...

Gorgeous Hazel! Can't wait to see you modeling in the 'hood :-) I may get to sweden this summer ... I wonder if they sell these designs in stores too?

The Clever Pup said...

Rami - They definitely do have store in Sweden. Luck you. Wear home everything on the plane.

cricket said...

I like !
Simply Beautiful !