January 8, 2010

Comic Relief (featuring Daniel Craig, shhh)

Some girls have all the breaks! Here's something funny from the Beeb.

Thanks BBC


Alistair said...


I'll bet the next time I come through the blogosphere there will be a raft of oohing and aahing comments from your female readers.

{Take that smug wee smile off your face C-Pup}

And you say us guys are one track!!!

We are not just pieces of meat to be lusted after, are we guys!!!!

Shame on you.......


{laughs like drain!}

tony said...

Alistair!You Make Being "pieces of meat to be lusted after." Sound Like A Bad Thing.......

Giulia said...

Well, I certainly don't want to disappoint Alistair, so SQUEAL. Also, thanks for the laughs. I actually did laugh out loud. Much needed & appreciated, Pup.


Susan & GG

verification word - catisti - must make something up about it:)

Rinkly Rimes said...

I've just woken up and that's really set me right for the day! What a brilliant piece. I've never heard of the actress. (I had heard of the 'fella') I must keep her in mind. Thank you.

The Clever Pup said...

Hi Rinkly, er, I mean Brenda. Catherine Tate was Dr. Who's sidekick in 2008 although I've never seen her in anything else.

Poetikat said...

Catherine Tate had her own show of sketch comedy routines. It was a hoot and some of the sketches were quite memorable. They were on latenight BBC Canada a few years ago. Watch for them; they're very funny!

Good to see DC has a sense of humour.

Poetikat said...

"He's no John Nettles." That's a hoot!

Alistair said...


It's a stance I take cos its never happened to me {sob}

C- Pup, Catherine Tate is best known as a comedienne - she has had her own sketch show in the Uk for several years.

Mrsupole said...

Oh my, this was hilarious. Thouroughly enjoyed.

Thanks for this.

God bless.