December 31, 2009

So Fa So Good

Two really bad pictures of my recent reupholstering adventure. I see that I toss the throw pillows with reckless abandon.

The day I picked the Suess Marble fabric I saw it on The Magpie's Fancy and almost fell off my chair. What are the odd's of that? You'll know what I mean if you've ever been to Designer Fabric in Toronto.


Giulia said...

Brava. I'm about to download & print the missing manual to a sewing machine a friend gave me a few years ago. Nope, haven't used it. But I will...very excited about it, too.

ciao, Pup

Diane said...

I was at Designer Fabric within the last month but I'm not sure what you mean... :-) I like your choice of mixed fabrics and the couch is a great shape to work with!

willow said...

It's GORgeous!! I wholeheartedly approve. Did you do it yourself? I'm very impressed.

Warm, woolly wishes for a wonderful 2010, Hazel!

The Clever Pup said...

Hi Diane, Nice picture by the way.

I was just meaning with all the hundreds of thousands of patterns out there, the fact that I found it on someone's blog within 24 hours is a funny coincidence. I'm not so unique afterall.

The Clever Pup said...

Willow, Happy New Year to you too!

No, I didn't recover it myself. But I put a lot of effort into finding the right fabrics.

Alaine said...

Very swisho! And I DID notice the casual chuck of the cushions! Now they need new covers! I seem to recall a striped fabric you had picked out yonks ago; must have been another couch...

Poetikat said...

Did you reposition it as well? Love the satiny drapes in behind. I also like the contrasting seat cushions. They make it so unique and comfy-looking at the same time.
The original was so-so, but the finished product is anything but "run-of-the-mill". (I think that must be a fabric-related phrase, don't you?)