December 22, 2009

Rupert Annuals

Did I ever mention that I like Rupert Bear? Could you guess? Rupert Annuals were a part of my early childhood with my English Grandmother sending them to us in Canada. "Ruperts" were what I read in bed Christmas morning before the rest of the older folks got up.

So colourful, magical and innocent - I couldn't wait to go back to Nutwood again. I started collecting them for myself in my 20s and then subsequently acquiring them for my son.

Here are some of my all-time favourite covers. Do you think I have a penchant for Chinese lanterns and brightly coloured fish?!
Thanks Daily Express!







Poetikat said...

Love your new profile shot. You look gorgeous!

I didn't get exposed to Rupert (more's the pity), but was a Paddington fan (more to do with the marmalade than anything else, I expect).

I can see why you would have a penchant for bright fish, lanterns and this auspicious bear.

My best wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas, Hazel! I'm finding even this one to be a bit of challenge with the absence of my father. We were too much in a daze last year to process it, but this year it all too evident.

I hope yours is a good one filled with sweet memories.


Alistair said...

Aye, I do.

But I think you knoew that already surely, didn't you.

And no, I'm not calling you 'Shirley'

Lovely covers though.....


Rinkly Rimes said...

Ah nostalgia! I, too, loved Rupert. It occurs to me that I grew up in a very gentle time. I took my grandson (11) to see 'Avatar' yesterday and I realised that young minds such as his today are filled with much less gentle images. Sad.

Giulia said...

Slurp. (That's GG about the fish.) Darling covers. More later. Making one of your recipes.


gretchen said...

i love rupert too. and so do my children. brainy bear that rupert.

amourissima said...

oooooh! I had the one from 1960 and1969! I found them when I was really little at a used book sale at my school. I wonder if my parents still have them- I have to hunt when I go over for the holidays.

Sandra Leigh said...

This is so strange. We (my husband, a friend, and I) were just talking about Rupert this afternoon. I discovered Rupert when my children were small, and I fell in love with him. I remember buying a Rupert cookbook and trying to make Rupert's version of gingerbread men, which turned out to be made of pastry, rather than cookie dough. I never trusted Rupert's cooking advice after that, but to this day I love him.

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Blog Princess G said...

I remember that 1969 cover. It belonged to a cousin, but I got to enjoy it. I still love Rupert, and bears in general. :) Lovely blog, this is my first visit.