September 16, 2009

Where I'll Be Tomorrow Night

Gee, I can hardly concentrate.

I won't be in Chicago but I will be at Toronto's Roger's Centre tomorrow night to see U2. I'll be one of those dots in the crowd. I've never seen them before.

My 15-year-old son said " Are we sitting close to the stage?"

"No," I say "As far away as humanly possible. I couldn't afford 3 seats together any closer than the fifth level."

"Good" says the Junior Pup. "It won't be too loud."


When I saw The Police in 07 my trousers were trembling. Not from being so close to Sting but from the sheer wall of noise.

Here's some stills from Milan for my Mum who can't play video on her 'puter.


einbildungskraft said...

wow. have fun!

Jelica said...

Lucky girl!

Brian Miller said...

and here i sit insanely jealous...

Alistair said...

Hello C-Pup,
I have just come back from a Wed night concert in Glasgow. We went to see David Gray at the O2 in Sauchiehall St. Its a small venue, probably a couple of thousand people and we were within 50ft of the main man. A favourite of ours and he was on form and enjoying every moment.
Just fab.

Hope you enjoy your show. Dont forget the binoculars though.....

kind regards.....Al

giulia said...

Oh, Hazel. You & the Puplets will have such a great time. Guaranteed. It needn't matter where you are, as the sound is very loud. (Don't forget some can still hear.)

You are in for one fabulous night. Can't wait to hear about it!



corine said...

You're there as I read this!