July 31, 2009


photo by Kevin Macdonald @A.M.P.A.S

A couple of my gentle readers have been wondering what happened to Tom Hulce of Amadeus fame. I had such a crush on him in 1984. I must have seen Amadeus six times that year.

Well... Since the 80s it been rarer and rarer to see him on screen.

I liked him alot as the cartoonist Drood in the 1987 film, Slam Dance. I don't know if this film stands the test of time but it was very "new wave" and appealed to me as a 25-year-old. He was great as Ray Liotta's mentally challenged brother in Dominick & Eugene (1988).

I saw him in a TV adaptation of Mississippi Burning. It was called Murder in Mississippi and Hulce played Mickey Schwerner. It stuck with me.

Hulce played Stalin's private film projectionist in the 1991 movie The Inner Circle aka the Projectionist. Thanks for the reference Kat!

He played Henry to Kenneth Brannagh's Frankenstein in the 1994 movie. Funny - I always thought he was Igor. In 1996 he did the voice over for Quasimodo in Disney's animated The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

He had a bit part in the very enjoyable 2006 movie Stranger Than Fiction which starred Will Ferrell & Emma Thompson.

Hulce does a lot of work on stage. In 1998 he undertook the enormous task of bringing John Irving's 1985 novel, "The Cider House Rules", to the stage. It was an 8-hour production which required the audience two days to see the whole performance.

He lives in Seattle. Some websites state that he is married and has one child. Hulce says this is a complete fabrication according to Hulce himself in an October 3, 2008 interview he gave to the Seattle Gay News. Need I say more.

Here's a link to a great page with pictures of how the stars from Amadeus look now.



Turquoise Diaries said...

He was so good at Amadeus. Thanks for reminding him. It was such a long time..

Ima Wizer said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh, I loved this guy in Amadeus as well! Wasn't he wonderful? I still hear his fabulous laugh! Thanks for the update!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

I admired him as well. It's strange how some of these talented people we so loved fall from sight & we quickly forget. And to think he lives in Seattle, my home town. I love your blog!

einbildungskraft said...

Wonderful movie. I think I should add it to my favorite list! It turned me on to Mozart's requiem, which I never tire of listening to, esp the recording done in Hamburg in'62.
And a really cool link! wow. how time flies. The movie was SO WELL casted!

willow said...

Loved this! Thank you.

...mmm... said...

He's a gret actor. I like him too.