July 23, 2009

The Overhanging Gardens of Marqueyssac

I found this garden in the most recent German edition of Elle Decoration. The Gardens of Marqueyssac are situated on a cliff-like spur and overlook the Dordogne Valley in France. A French National Historical Monument, the gardens contain 150,000 century-old hand-pruned boxwoods edging 6 kilometers of shaded paths.

At first glance I found these topiaries whimsical yet somewhat repellent. I’ve never seen anything else like them. They look like hundreds of people hiding their heads - like grieving green ascetics. I’d love to see them in person and the website for the overhanging gardens of Marqueyssac is delightful.



Turquoise Diaries said...

It doesnt look like real. Beautiful

willow said...

Very surreal. I love them! Imagine all the attentive upkeep involved!

Ima Wizer said...

WoW! At first I thought it was someone's whimsical illustration!! This is wonderful!

Diane said...

Amazing! Very sensual & lush and curvy and verdant.

I thought it was an illustration, as well.


Rouchswalwe said...

Dr. Seuss meets Tim Burton for a garden party!

dogimo said...

I was going to say René Laloux, but really maybe I mean Roland Topor.

But maybe I really mean Terry Gilliam.

I feel I've definitely seen this sort of bulbous, organesque topiary before!

Disturbingly gorgeous.

California Girl said...

I stared and stared at this photograph thinking it an illustration. It does remind one of Gilliam and or some of the more surreal Flemish painters of old. Hard to believe that is real.