July 13, 2009

Life is the Ultimate Work of Art - Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I realized recently that I haven’t seen any Woody Allen movies for years. I stopped paying him any attention since Crimes & Misdemeanors and Alice came out in the late 80s.

That’s what happens when old men have affairs with their 20-something step-daughters – I tend to ignore them. But since Woody and Soon-Yi have been a couple for 17 years and married for 12 – I guess I can get over it.

This week I watched the DVD of Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona and I liked it very much.

Two girlfriends on a summer holiday in Spain become enamoured with the same seductive painter and he endeavours to get both of them in his bed.

Vicky and Cristina, although close, are as different as Snow White and Rose Red. One is sexually adventurous - the other, cautious and about to enter into a conventional marriage. Both are mesmerized by the celebrated Juan Antonio and are unaware that his passionate and tempestuous ex-wife, Maria Elena, is about to re-enter his life.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
is a real treat with eye candy for everyone, with Rebecca Hall as Vicky, Scarlett Johansson as Cristina, Javier Bardem((melt)), as the handsome lothario and Penelope Cruz as his ex-wife.

Like all Allen movies witty dialogue abounds. The scenery and architecture in Barcelona and the Catalan province of Spain is fantastic.

I give Vicky Cristina Barcelona an 8 out of 10.


willow said...

Well art is art, and I usually don't hold personal issues against artists. I've always loved Woody Allen's work. Besides, he wasn't technically her step father, was he?

Among his recent films, I've enjoyed both Match Point and Scoop. And now I am looking forward to this one. Nice review.

Liza said...

Definitely one of my favorite rentals of this year. I love to see watch Cruz and Bardem. They have such great chemistry onscreen.

Ms. Lucy said...

I love art and most art forms of expression. And although mine is probably a very taboo thing to say- and probably not politically correct at all...I just can't get myself to like Woody Allen as an actor or his movies...

Poetikat said...

Kevin is a big Woody Allen fan. I've never really got his early stuff, but I've liked his later material.

Have you seen Penelope in "Volver"? I really liked that film (and own it).


The Clever Pup said...

Hey Kat,

No I haven't seen Volver.

I saw Penelope Cruz when she was just a kid in a great Spanish farce called Belle Epoque. I recommend IT to you.

giulia said...

I was lucky enough to see it first night at AFI huge screen. Gorgeous. I loved it & had fun. Penelope & Javier are major favorites of mine & Volver is listed as one of my top favorite films in profile. I saw it in theatre twice...she is magnificent in it. Almodovar wrote it for her...you probably know this but in Italian & Spanish film (I don't know about French, oddly), Cruz is hugely respected as talented actress. I don't think they knew what to "do" with her in typical American film. Allen did.

Did you see The Sea Inside with Bardem? Another big favorite. He's extraordinary...& before everyone says "it's depressing" -- it doesn't have to be.

thanks for this H-pup. I might rerent on DVD for fun. All the parts down to little ones are cast beautifully, I remember thinking.


Diane said...

Totally loved the film as well. You can tell Scarlett is his latest muse by the lingering shots. You can almost hear him panting.
Also enjoyed all those curvy, sensuous buildings in the background and the warm tones. Everything seemed ripe and ready to burst.
Very sexy film.

Liza said...

If you like Spanish farce and Cruz, then you might like Jamon Jamon. An Almodovar flick that first paired Bardem and Cruz. It's out there but has some great scenes.