July 15, 2009

Gelukkig Verjaardag dear Rembrandt

It was 403 years ago today, that Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, the Dutch painter, was born. He depicted himself 40-50 times, which trumps even Vincent Van Gogh. Here is an early self-portrait of Rembrandt and his last, plus some pithy quotes.

"Practise what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know"

"Old age is a hindrance to creativity but cannot crush my youthful spirit. "

"Choose only one master - Nature."

"I envy the poet. He is encouraged towards drunkenness and wallows with nubile wenches while the painter must endure wretchedness and pain for his art."

Here, according to a Dutch speaker, is the pronunciation of Rembrandt van Rijn.


giulia said...

You're in sync with Dutch friends who just mentioned this.

If anyone who sees hasn't read Simon Schama's Rembrandt's Eyes, highly recommend (along with gazillion other people, I'm sure).

Love the quotes & I recall the last. Remember thinking, as I do now, hey, buddy, poets will match your wretchedness any day. Not exceed, but match. lol Thanks, Hazel...


Brian Miller said...

ha. wonderful quotes.

Joni Rodgers said...

What Brian said.

Susan said...

Hazel, thanks for the link re: post. I replied on bric but don't know if you'll see. I thought I'd seen all the painting stuff on TCP. Obviously not. Have bookmarked to read later tonight. Glad you have a few days at home.


dogimo said...

He is damn sure right about the poet!

Alas, I'm a painter at heart. I was always more visual than verbal.

K. said...

Gee, I wish I was a poet!