June 2, 2009

Dog Bites Man - Pictures at 11

If I had read my horoscope last week it probably would have advised me to stay inside.

Monday: My bad luck started when I was at the dentist's and the hygenist said "Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

She was the young woman that set me a battery of tests. I need some sort of orthodonty and this is what she ran me through:

14 x-rays of my teeth
2 photos of my face
about 10 pictures of my mouth with retractors - not pretty
A mold made of my teeth - gag!
2 side x-rays of my face
An x-ray of my whole head with calipers in my ears.
a breathing test
a sonic test of my jaw clicking
and a nasal air output test.
and they measured my overbite

That appointment cost me $600 not covered by insurance.

Tuesday: I met with the dentist herself. She must have thought she heard me say at some point, "Yes sign me up for the $8,000 Invisalign invisible braces" because she seemed crestfallen when I said, "I never said yes to that. I want a retainer."

Wednesday: The small cut that our yellow lab Jersey had between her toes was not healing. We took her to the vet where she was put under, had two stitches put in and cost us $450.00

Thursday: G-Pup takes Jersey for a walk with a ridiculous-looking plastic bag on her foot. 5 minutes later, he returns, shaken. A neighbourhood dog bit him right through his jeans. An untethered Kerry blue terrier went for Jersey. The terrier was probably pissed at Jersey for walking around like a Lippizaner with the bag on her foot. G-Pup got between them, resulting in a nice little outline of teeth on his leg.

Friday: I succumb to the flu-like illness that the dental hygenist passed on to me on Monday. G-Pup goes to his doctor. He needs penicillin and antibiotic cream. Luckily he had a tetanus shot in 07.

Saturday: Sick. The dog owner, however, antes up for the amount of money G was out of pocket for medicine for his bite. He also shows up with flowers. Afterwards we laughed because I grabbed them, and stuck them in a vase. We still don't know if they were for us or his wife.

Sunday: Sick. I have to back out of a fundraising event that two of my friends and I were going to attend. Earlier, I had bought the tickets for all three of us. I called my good childhood friend to tell her I couldn't go. She couldn't go either; she was working and the third friend was looking after her kid. I'm left, momentarily I hope, with 3 unused tickets for $105.00 and the bill.

Monday: G-pup falls ill with same gack. No more malingering for me.

So last week cost me an unexpected $1,155. I should have never left the house.


Ima Wizer said...

OMG! Bless your heart! Okay, I am NOT going to complain today and instead count my blessing that I didn't have a whopping bill such as yours! I am sending you a BIG hug and hopefully things will get better for you!

Margaret Gosden said...

Re dentistry, I am looking at the same sort of options, though yours seem extremely fancy. Are you sure all those exrays are necessary? Today, my dentist will work on a root canal that has already taken two visits.
I have no dental insurance but would rather spend the money on dentists I feel are good and considerate of my sensitivities, than on recommended dental schools. Do shop around and make sure that shopping list is really necessary!

willow said...

Icky!! You poor, poor pup. Well, if it makes you feel any better, the stars weren't lined up so well for me last week, either.

Hope things start to turn around for you soon!

Brian Miller said...

awww. sorry for G-pup...ok for all. rough week. brighter days are ahead!

ds said...

Yuck! I think I would have tried to end the week on Monday and start over.(I hate the dentist; you are a saint to have submitted to all of those tests) At least the Kerry blue's owner did the right thing. Hope everypup is feeling better now.

Nancy said...

Oooh, I'm sooo sorry! I've had weeks like that. All you can do is go home and head your head under the blankets like when you were a kid and saw something on tv that was scarey! I hope your week goes better!

Anna said...


einbildungskraft said...

the Darling Pup, still made me smile after finishing your post, thats somethun! :-)))


giulia said...

Just returned from scary visit & have now come down with a case of the vapors. You know how things are going for me, so I empathize (ooh, I forgot, 'empathy' is a bad word now in the States amongst some). Glad you got the flowers...'it would make a cat laugh.'


Rouchswalwe said...

Halt die Ohren steif!

Sandra Leigh said...

Yeah. What Anna said.

Ladybug said...

OUCH!! They say things come in threes; you've had more than your share! Hope things improve real soon. LBx

Lynda Lehmann said...

Just amazing. Hope the weeks to follow are much better....

Poetikat said...

Sorry, CP - I missed this post (not been on the blogs for a few days).

Nasty week all around for you and the family. You did have me laughing at the Lipizanner (sp?) line though.

Don't you hate those unexpected expenditures? Cold tea is a good antibacterial agent for cuts and bites (for man or beast). I use it on Blanche's hot spots when she gets them on her head. (Either that or she gets the cut-up-sock-English-Patient treatment to keep her dirty paws off the treated area.)

Baino said...

I was going to say we all have days like these but you've had a week of it! Things can only get better! This sort of thing happens to me all the time vet bills coinciding with Drs' bills then the land rates come int . . never ending!