June 6, 2009


Polly Jackson at Paint-Paint-Paint has hosted another paint-off and posted the results on her site. Please check out the other particpant's contributions on Polly's Wall-of-Fame below and on her website.

The subject this month was this white cow named Daisy. The chubby girl above is my attempt.


dogimo said...

Oh, she's CUTE.

There's a certain more-than-merely bovine intelligence, or perhaps, feeling - in those eyes.

Brian Miller said...

hope there is moooore to come. lol.

Margaret Gosden said...

I love Daisy and her polished hooves!

Susan said...

A most lovely sight so early on a Sunday morning. Daisy is a lovely, curvy lady. Love the stripey fence (?) background & colors, the blue shading on Daisy. Especially up-close, her eyes & nose.. And I'd not noticed before (sorry) your terrific signature, lower left. H-with-the curlicue 'S'.

She's quite elegant, Daisy (or perhaps I shall call her Marguerite, now & again when she pops up in LinkedWithin...had great-aunt M. who was often called Daisy by family. As a flower nut, I sooooooooo loved that. Along with a Violet, Lily, & Rose, there was perhaps no path other than flower-mania...)

These paint-offs must be so much fun. Can you tell us materials used, etc.? I only have pastels & pencils & lack of talent, but it is fun to try.


The Clever Pup said...

Thanks for the compliments. Daisy is done in acrylic on pre-stretched canvas. Susan my sig is supposed to look snail-like but the horns are wrong this time.

Poetikat said...

Our cat, Daisy is so-named because she is black and white like a little Holstein calf (we were going to call her "Orca", but she protested vehemently.

Your painting is terrific! I'd hang that in MY house. (I have a very large print of a cow in my office - the print, not the cow.)


The Clever Pup said...

Hey Kat,

My dog's called Jersey because she is the colour of a Jersey cow.

Poetikat said...

I have a terrible time remembering to close my parentheses.

I had a feeling that was why your lovely dog had that name. It's a beautiful name.


Ima Wizer said...

Susan, you can use any medium. One of my students used cloth in the "Trudie" series. We'd be happy for you to send in something for the new project (it is due on June 27th so I can post them all on the 28th).
The new project is a self portrait. NOT the posing type, traditional portrait, but something colorful and creative and imaginative. As an artist you should do a self portrait every three years. I hope you paint with us. Anyone is welcome (well, almost anyone).

Ladybug said...

Love your cow - whenever I see your paintings, I want to pick up a brush but haven't done so yet.

California Girl said...

I found her site through yours and truly enjoy her paintings and those of her students, who also blog and post paintings. Thanks!

gretchen said...

i love your daisy, she's magnificent.