May 25, 2009

Weekend Update:
Friday, after one of our dip dinners, we traipsed to the Junior Pup’s high school where we watched students and teachers put on an amazing tribute for his school’s 120th anniversary.

Skits, reviews, handmade films, or musical numbers were presented for each of the 12 decades the school has been in existence. Pup’s just in Grade 9 so I’m still getting used to the teachers and the in-jokes and I was a bit in the dark when the teenage contingent started whoop-whooping for different reasons. My translator was off sitting with some girls. It was unabashedly funny when Pup’s history teacher came out dressed as Elvis in an inflatable wig and his English teacher as Barbie.

I always get a nose-prickle at the beginning of live events - I guess I’m easily moved - but I cried through this whole review, whether from emotion or just laughing too hard. I could blame mopping my face on the temperature in the auditorium which must have been about 95 degrees. The eagerness and confidence of these kids was astounding (my own kid not included…yet).

I felt about 100 years old when the kids started cheering for a montage of things from the ‘90s. Power Rangers, Pokemon, Game Boy, cell phones. The kids were cheering for things, not people or events. I thought that weird.

This 120th Anniversary was also a school reunion, so I had some men from the class of '76 next to me who were more interested in catching-up than watching the show.

Saturday, I wandered around my neighbourhood for the community yard sale but decided the last thing I needed was someone else’s junk. This was not Antiques Road Show material. Later, to satisfy my itch to buy something, I went downtown and purchased a replica of a French chocolate jug plus a couple of other things to stimulate the economy. I wish I’d bought a genuine chocolate jug when I saw it at the Harbourfront Antique Market in the ‘80s but I doubt if I could have afforded the original at that time.

That night we gave into a whim and synched the DVD of The Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Apparently the sound effects mesh perfectly with the movie, but I think this was invented by somebody who was too high and had too much time on their hands. I think in the right hands Raffi or Tom Jones’ Greatest Hits would have worked equally well.

Speaking of too much time on one’s hands, I took some pictures of my reflection in the back door. Contrary to my post a couple of days ago about colour, I’m wearing subdued tones. I’m getting as big as my 17-foot-wide house. Something must be done. You also get a good view of my forehead wrinkle. Like a can-opener’s been taken to my head.

Sunday I slept in for the first time in about 2 years for some much needed beauty sleep. Later, more boosting of the economy. Hot dogs for dinner. Then while ironing Señor Pup’s shirts I watched the film Paris Je T’aime and got my Sergio Castellitto fix. No shirts were burned during this 10 minutes.

Today, I just got back from spending 2½ hours in the dentist’s chair. Apparently I need a retainer on my 46-year-old teeth. I had 14 x-rays, multiple pictures taken with retractors and without -that wasn’t pretty. Impressions were taken of my teeth with that clobbery substance. Gag! I had a skull x-ray taken. They listened to my jaws click with an electronic monitor and measured my nasal air output. Holy Cow! Tomorrow I’ve got to go back so they can measure how I walk. What?!! Maybe I should find a sash from a beauty pageant.

This is way too much information out me. Must stop.


giulia said...

I like hearing about your weekend. It's been very, well, too quiet here.

Thought of you last night, as a matter of fact. Chocolat was on at 11pm with limited commercials. I'd not seen it since theatrical release. The mum & little girl thing is hard for me to bear at times. But I was charmed all over again. And I wanted to thank you for reminding me of it, a few times. And now, today.

And also for Sergio mention, but of course.

Oh Lord, I can relate to the dentist thing. That's all about that for now.

We can consult on the ducking stool, as I believe you refer to it, in private.



Sandra Leigh said...

I was enjoying your weekend until you got to the mouthful of gaggy stuff. Your dentist pushes the envelope, doesn't he/she? Mine has never expressed any interest in my nasal air production, thank goodness, nor in anything else going on outside my mouth. Good luck with your dental adventure.

willow said...

The little French jug is fabulous, genuine or not. And I adore the soft, dreamy self portraits!

I do miss those school programs. The Christmas season just isn't the same without them.

Brian Miller said...

beware the dentist...mine is named dr. malice...appropriately so. nice on sleeping in. one day i will, but right now cole is up at 6:30 every morning no matter what. sounds like a good weekend! hope the week goes as well.

Penney said...

Hazel, love your reflection.. you look beautiful!

Polly said...

Yes, I also love the dreamy-shadowy images of you!

Mervat said...

I like the way you supported a weak! I am 38 an dhave had braces for the last 8 months. Never even realised I needed them. I may join you as you strut your stuff for the pageant!

Mad Aunt Bernard said...

Hello Pup! I've got an award for you over on mine, if you'd like to stop by and collect it? Lovely post, like the images they are wonderful.

Karen said...

LOVE "Paris Je T'Aime" --- one of my favs! Great for lazy weekend viewing.

Great photos!

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Thanks for kick-starting my morning with a chuckle. I'm with you on the Tom Jones hits.

einbildungskraft said...

gruss dich klugespupchen

J'adore les self-photos! And theres nothing like admitting things about mundane current goings-on in one's life (a trip to the dentist), to spark ones curiosity and interest! :-)

Rouchswalwe said...

My job in college was in an orthodontics practice ... they didn't have half the gadgets and devices they have now. Ask lots of questions!

corine said...

You and I are starting to look a lot alike, down to the looming retainer, the kid in high school, the general widening of things and, of course THE wrinkle.