May 13, 2009


I’m going to see Tafelmusik tonight performing selections from Bach's Brandenburg Concertos.Tafelmusik is one of the world’s best chamber orchestras and they are located right here in Toronto. I know I’m sounding like a booster but it’s true. Gramophone Magazine praised Canada’s Tafelmusik as “one of the world’s top baroque orchestras.”

At the heart of Tafelmusik is a group of seventeen talented performers playing on period instruments, each of whom is a specialist in historical performance practice. I’ve seen the stage much fuller than the requisite seventeen. Guest performers and soloists often grace the stage. I’ve seen Tafelmusik performances about half a dozen times and the pièce de résistance for me was watching Dame Emma Kirkby from the front row. She is one of the loveliest and most ethereal sopranos in the world.

Frequently on the stage is the Tafelmusik Chamber Choir, which has been lauded by The Globe and Mail as “the best period-performance choir anywhere in the world…”

Tafelmusik’s annual performances of the Messiah and Sing-Along Messiah are an established part of Toronto's holiday tradition.

On the road for 2 to 3 months each year, Tafelmusik’s home in Toronto is Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, a historic church in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto, with an accessible, real street-level feel.

Tafelmusik also has two decade-long collaboration with Opera Atelier which I wrote about on February 25. Please check out that post as well as Tafelmusik’s website.

photograph: Cylla von Tiedemann for Tafelmusik.


giulia said...

Right up my alley--wish I were in Toronto (though we do have excellent music available in DC, 'tis true). Brandenburg concerti a favorite. (Often, Julie the Cat will retire to the bedroom to listen to classical music on radio--always on low. She tires of the daily NPR/BBC news-o-rama in the living area & my out-loud commentary/editoralizing. I don't blame her).

Have a wonderful time. I'll do a little traveling over to the suggested links. Thanks, Hazel.


Brian Miller said...

neat link with lots of paths to learn different aspects of their music, have fun tonight!

Sandra Leigh said...

Tafelmusik is wonderful. I'm just a little envious here - have a great time.

willow said...

Sounds like it's going to be a lovely evening. Enjoy the performance.

Rouchswalwe said...

Now that's a wonderful way to spend an evening. I must say that part of the fun for me with concerts of this kind is in having a reason to get dressed up.

Margaret said...

How lucky you are to get a chance to see them peform!

ds said...

Oh, I am jealous--what a wonderful treat! I do love chamber music, and the Brandenburgs are a favorite. The holiday "Messiah" must be awe-worthy. Will check out other sites also. Thank you, and have a lovely evening.

Anna said...

Oh, I used to play cello and a lot of my old HS friends are still in music! I would love to hear how the concert was!

sallymandy said...

I adore chamber choirs and would love to hear Tafelmusik sometime. I had never heard of them and am glad you introduced them on your blog.