May 27, 2009

Olde Kentish Recipes - From Mum

Some old country recipes, verbatim, from my Mum. I hope you enjoy reading them or even making them

"Here's a couple of recipes for you, one you could use, the other for fun.

"Looker's Pie." This is a traditional Romney Marsh dish. Lookers were basically shepherds but had to watch vast flocks of sheep in all weathers.

1 1/2 lbs lean lamb.
8oz. onions.
8oz potatoes.
1/2 pint lamb stock.
1/2 glass red wine.
1 tablespoon chopped mint.
salt and pepper.
short crust pastry.
beaten egg to glaze.

Dice lamb and brown in oil. Chop and brown onions in a little butter. Put lamb and onions in a casserole dish with the wine, stock and mint. Season and cook for 1 1/2 hours at 325 degrees. Peel and boil potatoes for about 5 mins, chop into chunks and mix in with casserole once cooked. Roll out half pastry and line pie dish. Spoon in casserole contents and cover with rest of pastry. Glaze with beaten egg. Cook for 25 mins at 350 degrees.

From Lookers Heritage Recipe Book. Sounds scrumtious! Make sure you seasonwell.

RUMFUSTIAN loved by English sportsmen after a day's shooting. (and pirates too, says Hazel)

The yolks of a dozen eggs well whisked up. Put into 1 quart of strong beer. Add 1 pint of gin. Put into a saucepan a bottle of sherry with a stick of cinnamon, a grated nutmeg, dozen lumps of sugar, and the rind of a thinly peeled lemon. When it boils pour it into the gin mixture. Drink Hot.

That would warm them up I am sure. Love Mum"

Thanks Mum!!
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Brian Miller said...

this ones a keeper. printing it out now to pass over to T.

giulia said...

Most excellent, H-pup & Grandma-pup (or Nana-pup??)...made major market trip yesterday & all I need is some red wine. Shall do this later in week, then. It's uncharacteristically cool & damp here for another day or so.

As for the other...alcohol would be most welcome (even at this very moment, into my coffee), but gin & nutmeg. Ooh gross. But amusing to think of it those chaps all flat-out on their keisters. (sp?) xo svs

giulia said...

Oh goodness...I missed the beer + gin part. I won't even address the eggy bit. It always amuses me about these did someone say,"you know wot? we oughta take egg yolks, beer, gin, etc...& drink it." lol

BTW, did you ask la Nonna-cuccia (gradma pup) if she knows the Inspector Montalbano mysteries? Thinking of food + mysteries even at this hour. Will check her columns again (everyone who reads this, you should read H's mum's book reviews)but curious. Because there's some cooking to do there...xo

willow said...

This pie looks devine! There's nothing like old fashioned comfort food. I like your beautiful crust decoration, too. I always cut a fern design with a spoon, just like my grandmother did.

The Clever Pup said...

Ooh Willow, I'm not responsible for this lovely pie. I'm so bad at rolling pastry I've been caught crying over it.

Ms. Lucy said...

Thank you! I love lamb- it's my favourite. My mom also made a similar hot beverage, with wine though (and no eggs. Sounds delicious:)