May 9, 2009

First Impressions # 4 - Name That Impressionist

"Art is vice, you don't marry it legitimitely, you ravish it!"


This French artist covers all bases. He is famous for his work in painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing. This keen observer of humanity was acknowledged as the master of drawing the human figure in motion. He worked in many mediums, seeming to prefer pastel to all others.

Play along. Who is this mustachio-ed Parisian?

Answer next week.


Brian Miller said...


giulia said...

Just looking for GG blog posts to re-run due to hideous pain, & came upon one re: character above (well, a postcard of a drawing propped up on phone table forever...). So shan't ruin the fun. Definitely not up to a pas de deux or anything else today. Hope all is well.



victoria thorne said...

Hazel, Happy Saturday! Loved your comment...could you send me an email, re: the tiny little contest?

Poetikat said...

Just a guess (and I see Brian's already suggested this), but with the human form idea and pastel, I'm definitely thinking Edgar Degas.


R.L. Bourges said...

I also say Degas.

Ann Seago, said...


sallymandy said...

I love that quote!