April 1, 2009

Ethel Spowers Brings May Flowers

I follow a blog called The Blue Lantern, presided over by the endlessly talented Jane Librizzi. She loves art and it's apparent in everything she posts.

She loves Colette, as do I, and she hosts her own Jazz program on her local National Public Radio affiliate. Seems like a very well-rounded individual.

Today, Jane's subject was Rain and how around the year 1890 Western artists sought to replicate the rains depicted in the Japanese Ukiyo-e prints in fashion at the time.

One of the artists Jane featured today was the Australian artist Ethel Spowers whose lino cut above lends an happy atmosphere to a rainy day. It really appealed to me.

The image of Spowers' Wet Afternoon, 1930, comes from the website of the National Gallery of Australia.


Poetikat said...

I really like the muted tones in this painting. This reminds me somewhat of a post I did on the children's book illustrator, Errol Le Cain. There's an image on that post where the colours are quite similar.


willow said...

Wonderful painting. Soft and stylized. But your title is just TOO witty. You are just too, too clever, Clever Pup!!

John-Michael said...

You have just (so generously) introduced me to an Artist, new to me ... and a Work that I am new to. I am so grateful! Thank You Dear One.

Lovingly ...