March 2, 2009

TAGGED - Seven Random Things About the Clever Pup

Gee - I was tagged by the English Muse and now I’m supposed to reveal seven random things about myself. So I'm going to pinch my nose and dive in.

Here goes:

1. Coriander is my favourite herb.

2. I’ve worn glasses since I was 10.

3. My guilty secret is that I turn up Van Halen to 11!

4. I always have to dance to “White Wedding” whenever I hear it on the radio.

5. I can catch mice in my bare hands.

6. I do the cryptic crossword on Saturdays.

7. My goldfish Ming is 10 years old.

And in turn I tag:


The Blue Kimono Just corrected this link. Sorry Sallymandy!

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Gal Friday said...

Oh goodness! I am most impressed by your bare hands approach to catching mice! My mother once caught one with two little paper cups...but you beat that.

I love reading these "facts" about bloggers(especially ones I am getting to know, still)
And, I secretly(within in the confines of my car, windows rolled up)turn up AC/DC to 11. ;-)
Since I am home from work today, I'll have to try coming up with y own little list--thanks for thinking of me.

Mia Linnman said...

Thanks for tagging me, I will try to come up with seven things ...

willow said...

With your bare hands?! Yikesies!! You are brave! This was fun getting to know you...getting to know all about you...

So, I'm "it" now? Hmm. I just posted a lengthy 25 random things, but then I do have quirky randoms enough to fill a book!

willow said...

Oh, I adore your new piccie, by the way!

corine said...

Everything about me feels random these days. Okay, off to work on this.

sallymandy said...

Hi CP: I agree with Gal Friday--about the mice and getting to know people through these random things lists. My turn-up-to 11 hard rock band is Aerosmith. !!

sallymandy said...

p.s. I'm up to the challenge!