March 18, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I was practicing again with my son's camera on Sunday. I really should buy my own. Here's some pix of things I found in my neighbourhood.
1. Bright graffiti instigated by Toronto Hydro-Electric, ie. "dig here".
2 & 3. A normally very tacky window box, but today it somehow looked lovely.
4. Spring-like window display at Eagle Eye.

My computer's back to normal. Now unfortunately I must do some paid work.


Polly said...

Photos 2 and 3 are stunning, it's incredible how simple objects can be transformed by the light of sun. We have beautiful weather in London as well, I love it. Polly x

Jelica said...

Great pictures! You should borrow your son's camera more often :)

Gal Friday said...

You found some very soft spring colors(well, not so much the first photo)for so early yet in the season in your "northern clime".

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Looks like Spring!

corine said...

Your comment in my blog... no, really, that was Cath's apartment.

Your images: What are those round things, they look like monnaie du pape (i don't know the english name of that plant.)

giulia said...

Lovely. I remember my grandma talking about a 'money plant' or a 'dollar plant'...what Corine was asking about...too fried to google...but yes, it does look like the monnaie du pape...xo, Susan

PS: horrid computer things going on here...glad you're OK. I can't get to anything it seems today. Will give up & try again tomorrow.

The Clever Pup said...


The glittery stuff in these pictures is not the Money Plant or Honesty, just colourful glittery disks on a stick. Probably from a dollar store or an Asian market. The actual window box is on the second floor of an apartment that looks out onto a bus stop. It always has the plastic plants in it - summer and winter.

Tina said...

OH! I want to borrow the camera!