March 29, 2009

Above is a shadow box that I created for my husband one year when we decided to make each other Christmas presents.

I was over at A Thousand Clapping Hands and Catherine has shared with us the most wonderful shadow box. She created the exquisite cabinet herself, centering it on a postcard from the Paris restaurant Laperouse, circa 1927. My own attempt pales in comparison.

Another site that's worth visiting is Le Divan Fumoir Bohemian. Florizelle's blog from March 27th focused on the opening scene from Swedish film Fanny & Alexander featuring Alexander's minature candle-lit theatre. Florizelle's blog is in French and she finds the most amazing images that defy language. I urge you to take a look and scroll through a few pages.

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sallymandy said...

Lovely! Can you tell us about the charming elephant?