February 18, 2009

Interesting Scraps

Today, I risk straying from the course of what I want The Clever Pup to be (Things of Interest for Interesting People) but I've been so inspired lately by two other bloggers I had to join in.

Jess at Record the Day and Tina at The English Muse have been letting us in on their inspiration files and daily clippings. I thank them for letting me have a peek.

I've been keeping clipping pictures and articles for about 10 years: first as a self-help project; and then mainly just to keep the house from becoming over-filled with magazines.

Today I'm letting you in on a couple of pages from my scrap books. I'm not adept with the camera, but I hope you enjoy having a look.



sallymandy said...

CP: these are beautiful! And to me, definitely in keeping with interesting things for interesting people (did I get that right), because I for one find so much of interest in the visual world. I spend my days writing stuff for environmental policy work--actually quite interesting--but I need a balance of the visual, creative, and intuitive. Love your scrapbooks. Thanks for sharing them.

Your new blog look is lovely.

willow said...

I keep a magazine tear out file, too. What a clever way to save your favorite clippings!

Mary-Laure said...

I love your scrapbook. I need to making collages again... Show us more!