November 7, 2008

A Frightful Tale

Think up some funky adjectives and nouns to complete this story: The crazier the better!
{You will have to print the page!}

It was a _________ and __________Halloween night. But I was still
going trick or treating. I decided to dress up as a(n) __________ but
everyone thought I was too _________, so I decided to dress up as
a(n) ________ instead. My costume was done to perfection. It was
made with ________ and ________ and I looked __________. The
first door I knocked on turned out to be the home of ____________ .
____________ opened the door and said, "___________". I
tried to utter the words, "trick or treat" but I was very ___________.
said, "Come in" said __________. I said "_________", and ran as fast
as I could for the _________ . "Wait," yelled ___________, you
didn't get any ______________. That Halloween I didn't get any
________or ________, but I did get ______________.

Some suggestions:


bright cold crazy cute dark deadly fluffy foggy funny handsome icky
murky mysterious nervousrainy ridiculous sad scary shadowy shady shiny sinister snowy spooky stormy sunny wicked windy


angel apples bats blue ribbons candy cavities cheerleader chewy bits
chicken chips demondevil door elf eyeballs fake blood feathers fur graveyard gum hippie homework kittymonster murderer old rags pimples pirate police officer princess pumpkin school slimesoup street taxi teacher toilet werewolf witch zombie

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