November 24, 2012

The Clever Pup's Guide to Making Christmas Work - Meaningful Gifts - Child's Own Studio

The title of these posts is a bit grandiose, but Christmas has changed in my house. My companions for the holidays are  three adult males - my son, my husband and my brother. I love them to bits but Christmas is sinking into a blur of late mornings, too much beer and the Godfather trilogy. They don't even eat my baking! So for the next month I'm going to post about what I think captures the true essence of the season. So wonder as I wander. Follow me. 

Vancouver artist Wendy Tsao creates custom-made toys based on children's quirky drawings. Her company is called Child's Own Studio, and just look at what she can do. Wendy has been making these "softies" since 2007 and has created about 400 of these little wonders since then. They are an uncanny representation of what the little Picassos have drawn. Her waiting list is probably about as long as my arm, but maybe for next Christmas....I think this is an idea that would be a welcome gift for mums too. These creations  are a wonderful expression of childhood. The following is an article from the Daily Mail about Wendy's creations.

I remember little monsters like this.

All photos Child's Own Studios. All rights reserved.

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